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ShawnJermaine, born July 9, 1993, is a singer-songwriter from Vallejo, CA, a small town in Northern, CA. His music is a creative mixture of indie pop, and electro/dance, with a notable vocal style range of controlled raspy tenor and vibrating alto. His unique image shows androgynous characteristics, but his creative style welcomes a diversity of looks, which makes him both interesting and inspiring. He exploits the use of makeup, costumes, and other theatrical elements in his videos, live performances, and photos as a constant expression of his individuality. His music has a distinct style influenced by elements of soul, k-pop and electronic music.  


ShawnJermaine first discovered his passion for entertaining at a very young age where he would sing and dance at his family’s gatherings to the greatest pop songs of the 90’s era. Throughout elementary school he performed in several school musicals, where he often held the leading roles. In high school he set his focus on Musical Theater, where his passion for performing on stage continued to flourish. During this same time he began amateur modeling, while also training as a dancer and becoming a member of a well known professional dance team who competed in competitions around the state of California. After high school his love and commitment for music stayed at the forefront of his life. He continued performing at local venues and dedicated his creative time to building his own music catalog.

"Growing up, I never felt connected to realities idea of "normal", I learned to embrace my individuality and use my gift to inspire others to do the same - All of this, for the love of ART." 

In 2013 ShawnJermaine left his hometown and moved to Los Angeles, CA where he jumped right into the entertainment industry’s networking scene. The following year in 2014 he was featured as an up and coming indie artist in an independent film premiered at the Sundance Music Festival; and he also crossed path with some industry class acts, such as Iggy Azalea, Todrick Hall, Adam Lambert, Little Mix and many others. Still getting acquainted in different avenues of the entertainment industry, he began creating music with lyrics that interpreted real life experiences. As 2015 approached, he was feeling inspired and “in a zone” (as he likes to call it when he’s creatively focused and in a positive state of mind), so he shared a few songs with the world. With great response coming from his social media following, online blogs, and media outlets, he was back in the studio in 2016 working on his next project. The following year in 2017, ShawnJermaine released his first debut single “Lifesize” on all digital music platforms. Lifesize is an upbeat pop song that depicts a story of someone who once felt disconnected from reality, under-minded, different from the “norm” and who is now free of anything or anyone trying to hold them down because they are now living and feeling bigger than life…hence, Lifesize.  


ShawnJermaine tells stories through his image, music and art, he invites you into personal moments, allowing you to get a genuine perspective of the person behind the artistry, which is exactly the idea. As he continues his journey, he will continue to inspire others to have a voice, and magnify the importance of everyone embracing their individuality. 

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